Husqvarna Elite Cut S85 Diamond Blade - 300-600mm

The S85 Elite Cut Diamond Blade replaces Husqvarna tried and tested range of S1485 blades. Larger sizes are suitable for use on low powered floor saws, and the 300mm/350mm sizes are for disc cutters.

Elite Cut S85 blades can achieve superb results when cutting asphalt, but can also be used on abrasive green concrete and masonry materials.

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Application Diameter Bore MPN
Disc Cutters 300mm 20mm 579812011
Disc Cutters & Floor Saws 350mm 25.4/20mm 579812020
Floor Saws 400mm 25.4/20mm 579812030
Floor Saws 450mm 25.4mm 579809550
Floor Saws 500mm 25.4mm 579809560

12mm high segments / 25.4 mm bore

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