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Husqvarna Chainsaw Filing Kit

Husqvarna Chainsaw Filing Kit

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Complete filing kit to simplify the work of keeping your chain in top condition. A correctly sharpened chain will make your work easier and safer. The file kit contains a file handle, combination gauge or a file and depth gauge, two round files and one flat file.


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See our guide page for detailed instructions on how to sharpen a chainsaw chain.

Part number For Chains For Machines
505 69 81 25 0.325″ 1.6mm (H25) 455, 555, 560XP, 357XP, 545, 550XP, 533, 346XP
505 69 81 27 PIXEL 0.325″ 1.3mm
505 69 81 30 3/8″ 1.6 mm
505 69 81 38 H36 Mini 3/8″
505 69 81 92 0.404” 1.6 mm 3120XP
579 65 36 01 H37 3/8″ mini 1.3 420EL, 530iP4, 530iPT5
580 68 75 01 H00 1/4″ 1.3 mm 115iPT4, 120iTK4-P, 530iP4/PT5, 327PT5S, 525PT5S, 535iXP, T535iXP, 525PT5S, 530iP4, 530iPT5
586 93 34 01 X-CUT: SP33G 136, 141, 137, 142, 137e 142e, 445, 445e, 450, 435e, 440, 440e
586 93 85 01 X-CUT C85 3/8″ 555 (pro-laminated bar), 562XP, 281XP, 288XP, 394XP, 365, 372XP, 565, 572XP, 560XP (pro-laminated bar), 576XP, 575XP, 570, 385XP, 390XP, 395XP
587 80 67 01 X-CUT S93G 3/8″ T435, 372P4, 327P5X, 525P4S, 235, 236, 240, 236e, 240e, 120, 130, 135, 140, 340i, 420EL, 321EL
595 00 46 01 X-CUT SP21G Mini .325″ 535iXP, 540XP, T535iXP, T540iXP
587 80 68-01 X-CUT S35G .325″ 545, 550XP, 353, 346XP, 357XP, 455, 555, 560XP


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