Husqvarna Automower® Endurance Blades

Automower blades just got better. Husqvarna's Endurance blades deliver more than twice as much lifespan as the previous model thanks to four harder and sharper edges on each blade.

The ultimate in Automower blades is the high-speed steel version, known as Endurance HSS blade series. These blades are made of premium grade carbon steel with extra hard steel edges, which are even longer lasting than the Standard and Endurance versions.

Replacement cutting blades for Husqvarna Automowers come in packs of 6 or 45. It is recommended that you replace the blades on your robotic mower frequently, to ensure your lawn is cut with precision every time and to prolong the life of your machine. Each pack comes with carbon steel blades and fixing screws which are a universal fit for all Husqvarna-branded robotic mowers.

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  6 pack Endurance 45 pack Endurance
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Compatibility 105, 305, 310, 310.II, 315, 315.II, 405X, 415X, 430X, 450X, 435X AWD 105, 305, 310, 310.II, 315, 315.II, 405X, 415X, 430X, 450X, 435X AWD

These double-edged replacement blades are now made with an additional two cutting edges, making it them cut in four positions. This extends the life of the blades and facilitates quick replacement. We recommend always replacing the screws when you replace blades. These screws are included in a pack of blades.

During normal use of an Automower the blades will lose their sharpness, and this will become more pronounced the larger your garden is. It is also worth considering that grass is usually damp with morning dew or overnight rain, and there is also an inherent moisture element with grass and clover. This moisture will eventually affect the blades.

These are official, authentic Husqvarna blades, so you know you are getting the best product quality with that famous Husqvarna reliability.

All Husqvarna Automowers are fitted with three blades, so the 6 pack would give you two sets and the 45 pack would give you 15 sets.