Husqvarna 132cm Combi Deck - P 525DX Series

The Husqvarna 132cm Combi cutting deck in an innovative technical solution which offers two cutting methods included in the one deck; BioClip® and rear ejection.

The is made from 1-piece of stamped steel plate and has market-leading mulching performance and super-efficient ejection.

It is designed for use with the Husqvarna P 525DX and P 525DX with Cabin professional ride-on front mowers.

Combi 132 - 132cm (52”). Cutting height range 30-112mm. For use with P 525DX and P 525DX with Cabin. 138kg.

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MPN 967978301
Anti-Scalp Wheels 1
Blades 3
Blade Type Mulch/Discharge
Cutting Deck Material Steel
Deck Thickness 4.5mm
Powder-coated Deck Yes
Cutting Deck Type BioClip®/Rear discharge
Drive System Belt
Cutting Height min 30mm
Cutting Height max 112mm
Cutting Height Steps 7
Greasable Mandrels Yes
For use with P 525DX and P 525DX with Cabin
Weight 138kg
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Set inside a reinforced frame, the stamped deep domed deck is not only very robust, it also produces a smooth, intrusion-free air flow to create the optimum swirl chamber for the multiple clipping (mulching) of grass. These fine chippings are then returned to the lawn to break down further as a natural fertiliser.

The non-timed blades with in-built slip-protection do not pass between each other which significantly reduces the risk of unexpected impact damage.

The leading front lip of the deck not only provides additional rigidity, it also improves cutting performance and subsequent finish by allowing longer grass to stand before the blades pass over for the initial cut.

The fully floating deck and frame are guided by anti-scalp wheels for the best ground following and finish. The deck position and low profile allows close trimming to fences, walls and can reach further into corners or under obstacles such as trees, shrubs and bushes etc.

For managing overgrown areas of high rougher grass, all Combi decks can easily be switched from the normal mulch (BioClip®) mode to rear discharge by simply removing the deck back plate.