Belle Promix 1600E Handheld Paddle Mixer - 110V Electric

The 110V Belle Promix 1600E is a high-torque, hand held paddle mixer designed to meet the demands of the professional user, taking the effort out of mixing materials like plaster, bonding compounds, paints and adhesives.

The Promix stirrer is both easy and comfortable to use, and features a large heavy-duty motor which produces higher power, more torque and greater mixing efficiency, despite weighing only 7.8kgs (including paddle).

The Promix 1600E has electronic speed control to ensure a constant speed is maintained, a two speed heavy-duty high torque gearbox (for extra life in service), a soft-start motor providing greater levels of control and reduced splashing, ergonomic handles for operator comfort and to reduce operator fatigue, and is supplied c/w with a 2 blade helical ribbon paddle as standard.

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  110V Electric
Motor 110V Electric
Power 1.6kW
Maximum Mixing Capacity 227ltr
Speed Range 153-670rpm
Paddle Diameter 160mm
Paddle fitting M14x2
Hand/Arm Vibration (HAV) 2.51m/s²
Weight 7.8kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £245.00

This 110V hand mixer is excellent for pre-mixes when you are using a pan mixer. If you need to add your resin or aggregrate mix in stages, you can mix smaller quantities using the Promix and add it to the pan mixer.

A 3 blade (left hand) helical ribbon paddle (160mm) is also available upon request as an optional extra for the Promix 1600E.

This is a 110V machine, but if you need he 230V version then please enquire.