Belle BWX Bowser Pressure Washer

The BWX from Altrad Belle is a heavy duty diesel powered towable pressure washer, with a 1125 litre bowser on a 2-wheel trailer.

The BWX 15/250 is extremely powerful and has been specifically designed for the rental market. 

Suitable for towing on public roads, the BWX Bowser is ideal for projects in hard to reach areas. The bowser is the tanker that holds up to 250 gallons of water, allowing for extensive use. The pressure washer itself delivers a pressure level of up to 3600 psi.

The washer's design makes it well suited for remote and harder to reach areas. The HDPE water tank also includes an internal baffle to prevent water surges whilst the machine is being towed. Ideal for the rental market

Belle's anti-theft system features shear bolts with dome heads, offering a permanent fixing solution once the machine has been fitted together.

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Model, Part Number BWX 15/250, BWX152501DS
Water tank capacity 1125 litres
Water flow rate 15 litres/minute
Maximum water pressure 250 bar, 3600 psi
Engine Yanmar L100 with Electric Start
Engine Power 8.9hp, 6.6 kW
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 5.4 litres
Hose length 10 metres
Sound Power Level 109 dB
Weight (unladen/laden) 460kg/1500kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £4950.00

Towable Pressure Washer

The Yanmar diesel engine delivers 8.9 horse power and is designed for optimum performance and longevity. The electric start on this Yanmar engine comes with an ignition warning system to ensure high reliability.

Detergent is fed to the hose via the chemical feed line which filters out unwanted debris. The gear-driven pump is protected by the frame as well as the thermal pump protection and inlet-line strainer.

The BWX pressure washer can achieve a maximum water pressure of 3600 psi, equivalent to 250 bar. 

The 250 gallon (1125 litre) water tank has inbuilt protection from water surges by way of an internal baffle that controls the flow of water whilst the machine is being towed. The tank itself is made of durable HDPE and it has a 550mm lockable cover to keep fluids safely inside.  

The tyres on the bowser trailer are built for industrial conditions and feature moulded mudguards, side reflectors and wheel nut indicators.

Towing is easy thanks to the 40mm towing eye, break-away cable and telescopic jockey wheel/jack. The rear of the trailer has integrated lighting equipment with a 13-pin and 7-pin plug adapter.

On the side of the trailer is a pair of forklift points so that the unit can be safely lifted and transported around site.