ENAR AX Poker Shaft Assemblies

The ENAR AX range of flexible poker shaft assemblies are designed for use with the ENAR AVMU and other similar handheld electric poker drive units with a compatible male output shaft.

They feature a female fitting and are available in a choice of 3 different head diameters, 25, 40 and 48mm - each supplied with a 3m flexible shaft as standard.

Each AX poker shaft assembly additionally features a vulcanised transmission at the end, which provides protection to the part of the transmission most prone to wearing out or breaking. The 3m flexible hose is strengthened with a metallic mesh to protect it against abrasion and is reinforced at both ends to withstand excessive bending added durability.

AX - 25, 40 and 48mm diameter Heads available c/w 3m flexible shaft. Suitable for use with Male output shaft fittings.

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In stock


  AX25 AX40 AX48
MPN 295300 295101 295000
Poker Head Diameter 25mm 40mm 48mm
Head Length 285mm 335mm 335mm
Vibrations 14,000 rpm 13,500 rpm 12,500 rpm
Performance 10m3/h 17m3/h 28m3/h
Weight 5.8kg 7.2kg 8.2kg
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The head of each AX poker features an oversized steel eccentric, a treated steel cap and are double sealed to prevent the entrance of lubricants.