Altrad Belle AT350 Road Tow Mixer

The Belle AT350 is a strong and durable road towable upright mixer which is designed for quick and easy setup, demanding on-site mixing applications and site to site portability - effortlessly transferring from road tow to mixer mode.

Despite its relatively compact size and easy portability, the AT 350 with its large 340 litre drum capacity, BIG 280 litre mixing capacity and 3 large mixing paddles is ideally suited for mixing larger batches of concrete and mortar.

It features the latest approved fast tow chassis, mudguards, tow hitch (ball), full integrated lighting board and high quality wheel suspension which is rated for speeds up to 55mph.

The Belle AT350 is available with a choice of 1phase 230V electric motor, Honda petrol engine or Hatz diesel engine.

AT350 UK35P1E01 (230V 1ph) - (2.0Hp/1.5kW). Ideal for use in noise and environmentally sensitive areas. 16A direct supply.

AT350 UK35P1V09 (Honda Petrol) - (5.5Hp/4.0kW). Ideal for virgin sites, use in remote locations or areas with no access to a suitable power source.

AT350 UK35P1A10 (Hatz Diesel) - (4.8Hp/3.5kW). Ideal for virgin sites, use in remote locations or areas with no access to a suitable power source.

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  AT350 230V AT350 Honda Petrol AT350 Hatz Diesel
MPN UK35P1E01 UK35P1V09 UKP1A10
Motor/Engine 230V Electric Honda Petrol Hatz Diesel
Power 2.0Hp/1.5kW 5.5Hp/4.0kW 4.8Hp/3.5kW
Maximum Drum Capacity 340ltr 340ltr 340ltr
Mixing Capacity 280ltr 280ltr 280ltr
Paddle Type Gated Paddles Gated Paddles Gated Paddles
Dimensions (L x W x H) 950 x 1910 x 1630mm 950 x 1910 x 1630mm 950 x 1910 x 1630mm
Weight 320kg 323kg 337kg
Noise Level 94dB 105dB 110dB
Pneumatic Tyres 500mm 500mm 500mm
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The AT350 is a strong and rugged upright mixer designed to withstand heavy site use and demanding mixing applications. It features a very generously sized 340 litre drum capacity, with a mixing output of 280 litres, ideal for mixing larger batches.

Mixing performance, even of larger batches is assured thanks to its incorporated 3 large Gated mixing paddles which provide an enhanced mixing performance.

Thanks to its innovative design, it is highly transportable both to and around site – to site by virtue of its incorporated fast tow chassis on which it is mounted and around site thanks to its lifting eye, fork lift sockets and large (500mm) pneumatic tyres.

The chassis of the AT350 is not only durable, but also easy to clean too.

A large tipping wheel with a foot pedal locking system affixed to the side of the mixer makes dispensing of large mixed batches easy work, whilst adjustable legs enable operators to select a working height suitable and more conducive for them to work at.

This robust multipurpose mixer features an extra heavy-duty gearbox design for longer life and minimal maintenance, together with a ventilated metal canopy to protect the mixer motor or engine and added operator safety.