Husqvarna K4000 14” Disc Cutter - 110V

The Husqvarna K4000 is a highly versatile and powerful electrically powered disc cutter which is suitable for both wet and dry cutting, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use alike.

This lightweight and incredibly user-friendly all-round cutter has an excellent power-to-weight and is comfortable, productive and easy to use. It has a low operating noise and an impressive maximum cutting depth of up to 125mm/5” too.

Unlike other electric cutters its blade rotates in a forward direction, cutting into materials with greater efficiency and minimum operator effort.

The K4000 is packed with performance enhancing features, including a powerful 2.2kW motor, Softstart™, Elgard™ overload protection and an integrated constant-flow water valve which regulates the water volume to ensure that the amount of water is sufficient to bind the dust created, without creating an excess of water and slurry. The K4000 can also be used for dry cutting (optional vac attachment recommended when dry cutting).

Husqvarna have specifically developed the Vari-Cut Electric diamond blade for use with the K4000 which compensates for the lower rotational of the machine without compromising cutting performance.

K4000 (110V 1ph) - 2.2kW. Blade capacity 350mm. Max Cut Depth 125mm. 8.5kg*.

Minimum 3kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

The K4000 can be purchased as a machine only or as a package (c/w 14” Husqvarna Vari-Cut Electric diamond blade) at a reduced concessionary price.

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  K4000-110V Shell Only
MPN 9670842-01
Motor Type Electric
Voltage 110V 1ph
Power Source Corded
Rated Current 20A
Plug Size 32A
Recommended Transformer Size
3kVA Continuous 
Blade Included? No
Blade Capacity 350mm dia.
Arbor Diameter 25.4mm
Max Cutting Depth 125mm
Cutting Method Wet and Dry
Vibration Level Front Handle 3.5m/s²
Vibration Rear Front Handle 3.5m/s²
Sound power level Lwa 105 dB(A)
Dimensions (W x L x H) 221 x 631 x 313mm
Weight 8.5kg*
Our Price (Exc. VAT) From £595.00

*Shell only. Excludes weight of cable and cutting equipment.

The Husqvarna K4000 electrically powered disc cutter is comfortable and easy to use, thanks to its ergonomically designed rear handle, slim body and superb balance. Its power cord inlet is located underneath the rear handle so not to impede cutting for hassle-free operation too.

As the K4000 is electrically powered, it does not exhaust hazardous fumes like petrol powered counterparts do. This makes it ideally suited for use indoors and in other poorly ventilated areas, cutting window and door openings etc. Its generously dimensioned mitre gear provides high durability, minimal power loss and low noise levels, while its Elgard™ advanced overload protection system protects against overload by varying the rotational speed of the cutter.

The K4000 is also equipped with Softstart™ which provides starting with normal, slow acting fuses and a one-piece inspection lid for easy and Torx screws for easy servicing. In addition, the new pop-up carbon brushes of the K4000 protects the cutter from unforeseen rotor changes, which increases reliability and enables longer service intervals.

Unlike other electric cutters the blade on the K4000 rotates in a forward direction, cutting into materials with greater efficiency and minimum operator effort. It also minimises the risk of the blade sticking and kickbacks during use. The use of the purpose engineered Husqvarna Vari-Cut Electric diamond blade is highly recommended with the K4000 for an enhanced cutting performance. Blade changes are quick and simple too with the K4000 thanks to a quick acting spindle lock and a large outlet in the blade guard that simplifies the blade replacement/exchange process.