3 Year Protection
Prevents against stale fuel. Stabilizes fuel up to 3 years.

Corrosion Inhibitors
Guards metal engine components from rust and corrosion.

Cleaning Detergent
Cleans the fuel system while the engine runs.

Safe for Storage Use
The perfect storage stabilizer for lawn mowers, petrol pressure washers, snow blowers and other petrol powered equipment.


Why Fuel Fit®?

Todays’ ethanol-blend fuels can damage engines by attracting moisture. Ethanol readily bonds with atmospheric moisture creating an ethanol-water mix, which is highly corrosive for engine parts. Fuel also begins to degrade almost as soon as you pump it. Gums and varnishes are formed that can stick valves and clog fuel lines and carburetor jets, resulting in severe starting problems, poor engine performance, overheating and fuel leakage.