Safety Gripper for Masonry Saws

The Red Band SG Safety Gripper is designed to provide the operator of a masonry saw the added assurance of safety and protection when in operation.

Please note, for use with the Clipper CM501, you will have to drill holes into the sliding table.

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This simple to use but effective clamping device is easy to fit and transforms an existing masonry saw into a two handed method of operation, where both of the operator’s hands are safely remote from the revolving saw blade.

The safety gripper allows the operator to securely hold the material being cut in place safely, with one hand in the metal protective metal gauntlet of the device located onto the material, whilst the other hand is placed on the handle protruding from the cutting head, remote from the cutting area. The protective metal gauntlet of the safety gripper has a drilled perforated surface, which gives an increased grip of the workpiece being cut.