Robot Mower Reviews

If you are looking for a new garden gadget for summer 2018, you might have looked at robotic mowers. Reviews and comparison site have published some robot mower reviews to help you choose the right machine for your property, budget and preferences.

Although Husqvarna have been the market leaders since the mid 1990s, there are now several other brands that have entered the market to compete with the original models of Automower.

Husqvarna Automower Feature

What factors make a good robotic mower?

Aside from value for money and perhaps the external design, a good robotic mower should do several things well in order to be deemed worthy of a good review. Some models claim to be able to manage sloped gardens and obstacles as well as the size and scale of the garden. Aside from any obstacle avoidance technology, a useful feature to preserve the life of your machine is retractable blades. When the spinning blades hit an object, the impact is cushioned by the hinged blades.

Another thing to consider is how desirable it might be to thieves. The Husqvarna models are PIN-protected and have an alarm, whilst the more advanced styles have GPS connectivity. However, we have heard of some automatic mowers that struggle with the basics such as recognising the boundaries and returning to the docking station.

What is the Best Robot Lawn Mower?

The 2018 Best in Test comparison by PriceRunner determined the Husqvarna 315 Automower to be the pick of the bunch on the market.  A combination of reliability and terrain handling ensures that it is ready for action every time. The review also took into account the extra connectivity features that come with the 315X model.


Other Robot Mower Reviews

PriceRunner awarded the best premium choice robotic lawn mower to another Husqvarna Automower model, the 430X. As part of the X-Line of Automowers, it again has the GPS connectivity which combines with the boundary and guide wires to create a very reliable connection. The AMC (Auto Mower Connect) app allows you to monitor or adjust the settings from anywhere in the world.

Who Makes the Best Robotic Mowers?

The conclusion from this ‘Best-in-Test exercise has been that Husqvarna are extremely good at making quality robotic mowers. Other brands have recently entered the market and have made some very good options for smaller, less complex lawns and we have heard reports of some good contenders from brands such as McCulloch. However, the original market leaders Husqvarna are still ahead of the pack in terms of quality, reliability and innovation