Red Band RS Concrete Roller Striker Drive Assembly

The RS Roller Striker provides a fast, efficient and alternative way to ‘strike off’ and finish varying sized floor areas of newly poured concrete.

This high performance and well-regarded screeding method, commonly referred to generically as a Bunyan Striker or a concrete roller screed system, is favoured by many as it is considered to be less labour intensive, more efficient and easier to use. Another key advantage of a roller striker is its ability to travel both forwards and backwards, enabling high spots to be eliminated with consummate ease.

Steel tubes of varying sizes are fitted to a hydraulically powered drive handle and rotate/traverse on top of shuttering, which in turn, spins the tube over the top surface of the concrete, leaving the aggregate near the surface, resulting in a surface with excellent strength, which is then ready for finishing as required. An operator at the opposing roller striker tube end has a T-section pull handle to assist with the free movement of the spinning tube.

Our RS assembly consists of a hydraulically powered drive handle and an opposite T-bar pull handle complete with bearing plate and is designed for use with roller striker tubes with 1” square (drive) and 1” round (pull) fittings, regardless of make or manufacturer. As long as your striker tubes have the same 1” Male square and 1” Male round fitting characteristics, they will be fully interchangeable and can be used.

Please note that we are unable to deliver 22ft and 24ft striker tubes, which are available for collection only (from LE7 3XA).

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Optional Extras

• Quick and easy to set up, use and clean
• Faster, more productive and less labour intensive than some alternative conventional screeding methods
• British Made

Our roller striker tubes have the following connection sizes:

  • 1" male (25.4mm) round connection on the pull handle end of the tube
  • 1" male (25.4mm) square connection on the drive end of the tube

For optimum results and performance we recommend the use of 20 litre-140 bar hydraulic power pack for tubes less than 6m in length and a 30 litre-140 bar pack for for tubes 6.m and longer.