For most tradespeople, tools are their biggest outlay. And while parts and equipment can be charged to the client, tools have to be bought from the business, so getting the most from this investment is essential.

In difficult times it is easy to ‘make do’ with tools that are maybe past their best or are not 100% fit for purpose, when in fact, investing in the right equipment is never more important. With the right tools, the job can be completed quicker and with greater ease. What’s more, the right tool can help create a cleaner finish, meaning less snagging issues.

When you look to invest in new tools or construction equipment, what do you look for? Is it power? Performance? Ease of use? Versatility? Here at Red Band we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on any of these, which is why our range of block, masonry and tile saws offer something to suit every application. Whether you need a saw to make light work of concrete, bricks, ceramic or masonry, we have a wide selection of electric and petrol models to choose from.

Our range includes saws by big brands such as Husqvarna, Clipper and our own, Red Band range. To help you decide the right saw for you, here are our top five block, masonry and tile saws:

Husqvarna TS230F Tile Saw: As you would expect from Husqvarna, the TS230F is a quality piece of equipment, with a patented 45º cutting system and cutting guide that allows for fine adjustments. What’s more, the tabletop design and large non-slip surface make it ideal for wet cutting large tiles. Supplied with a 230mm diameter continuously rimmed diamond blade, the TS230F is available in 110v or 220v.

Red Band MB65 Tile Saw: Part of Red Band’s own range of tools and equipment, the MB65 has been developed to meet the tough challenges of life on site. Whether you need to cut floor tiles, wall tiles, roof tiles, stone or concrete slabs, the MB65 can handle it. With its swivel mounted cutting head, the MB65 is available is 110V and with a 14” blade.

Clipper CM501 Masonry Saw: A reworked version on the popular Clipper EDW Major masonry saw, the CM501 has many of the benefits of the EDW Major, plus a few more! Offering versatility and high performance, the CM501 is ideal for cutting small to medium sized materials such as bricks, blocks, concrete, stone and timber. In addition the CM501 has the same functionality as a core saw, perfect for cutting core samples, whether in a lab setting or out in the field. The contemporary design, ease of use and versatility of this saw sets it apart from its rivals, making it an extremely popular choice. The CM501 can be used wet or dry.

Clipper Jumbo 655 26″ Block Saw: When you need a heavy duty saw, the Jumbo 655 is ideal; powerful yet easy to use, the Jumbo 655 has been designed for cutting large stone and other building materials. Fitted onto four lockable wheels for added safety, the Jumbo 655 can achieve a cutting depth of 265mm and features an integrated water tank for dust-free cutting.

Red Band MB 14″ Bridge Saw: We couldn’t resist choosing another from the Red Band range! This time it’s the turn of the MB100, a versatile and tough bridge saw. Able to cut through everything from floor tiles to concrete slabs, it is a handy addition to any site kit. It is available in 110v, 220v or 415V depending on your intended use.

For more details and specifications on any of these products call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.