MBW SP125 Soil Pick

The SP125 Soil Pick is a selective excavator, selective in the sense that it fractures, pulverizes and displaces porous and semi porous soils, yet leaves non porous objects unaffected, enabling soil to be excavated without the risk of damaging buried utilities.

The SP125 employs converging/diverging nozzle technology to accelerate compressed air to supersonic speed (up to 1500mph).




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Barrel Diameter 30mm
Effective Cutting Depth 100mm
Air Volume 125cfm
Pressure At Tool Inlet 100psi
Claw Type Connector 3/4 inch
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Please note, the accessories shown in the video such as carry case, extension tubing and nozzles are additional extras and do not come with the product. Please contact us to obtain prices and availability.

The high velocity air stream travels approx 100mm/4 inches from the distal end of the Soil Pick – “the cutting edge” – beforede compressing to atmospheric pressure with sufficient violence to pulverize and displace compacted soil.

The SP125 is an ideal way to safely excavate around live buried utilities,compacted tree roots and similar applications when whatever is concealed beneath the ground requires a degree of protection or respect.

What seperates the MBS Soil Pick from other excavation tools employing converging/diverging nozzle technolgy??.....in a word.....SAFETY.

MBW holds US and international patents on the combination of dilectric and non-sparking characteristics embodied in the Soil Pick. non-conductive, nopn-sparking tools are of obvious benefit to those working in environments that may be gas enriched and/or are in close proximity to live electrics.

Also, for safety reasons, MBW standarizes the Soil Pick's cutting edge at approximately 4 inches. A 4" cutting edge is long enough to facilitate rapid excavation, yet short enough to minimize the potential for personal injury caused by misdirection of the cutting edge. Very importantly, soil aeration beyond the target utility is minimized, thus simplifying and facilitating effective backfilling and compaction of the excavation. The 4" cutting edge also provides better control of the air stream while working in the immediate area of a gas leak.

Radial Trenching is a fast growing technique used by the Arboreal industry. Used to safely remove and replace compacted soil that literally suffocates tree roots, the Soil Pick has become a standard in the Arboreal market too.

The SP125 weighs a paltry 3kgs, has zero hand arm vibration, enabling it to be used for extended periods of time without fatigue to the operator.

• Extremely safe and easy to use – non conductive, non sparking, therefore safer operation when working in gas enriched areas
• Requires no periodic maintenance
• Pressure gauge on handle assembly advised the operator if the tool is working at an acceptable pressure