Husqvarna K40 Air Powered Disc Cutter - 14"/350mm

The Husqvarna K40 is the long-awaited successor to the very popular K30 pneumatic power cutter. 

This air-powered industrial cutter is an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor projects where there is access to compressed air. The slim, compact body shape has an excellent weight balance and is very portable.

A blade is not included with the K40 power cutter, but we recommend the 350mm Husqvarna Elite Cut S45 for cutting concrete.

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  K40 Pneumatic Disc Cutter
MPN 968372401
Power Source Air
Power 3.2kW
Air Requirement 5.96 m³/min
Blade Capacity 350mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 125mm
Weight 9.9kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1,425.00

Use indoors and outdoors

Pneumatic cutters such as the K 40 are ideally suited to working indoors, or in open spaces where the rate of air-change is low, for example pipeline trenches 

Ergonomic and comfortable

The ergonomic handle and excellent weight balance leads to a high level of user comfort. Both handles deliver vibration ratings below 10m/s²

Concrete results

The K40 delivers excellent cutting on paving blocks, curbstones and in cast concrete. It's ideally suited to cutting walls and floors.

Quick blade brake

The blade retarder stops the blade spinning when the machine is switched off, enabling you to quickly and safely move on to the next task.

Pneumatic motor lubrication

The K40 has an air-powered oil mist system which lubricates the motor efficiently and effectively.