Tsurumi LSC1.4S 110V Submersible Puddle Pump

The Tsurumi LSC1.4S is a submersible site pump for pumping down to 1mm on a flat surface at up to 170 litres per minute. 

Known as the 'puddle sucker', this submersible puddle pump can easily work with clean or dirty water in light or heavy use. Its highly visible design means it is easy to locate, even when fully and deeply submerged.

Did you know that this pump comes with a 3-year Tsurumi guarantee? 

Tsurumi Pumps 3 year Warranty | Red Band UK

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The LSC1.4S connects to LAYFLAT hose. Please use the dropdown menu to choose between no hose or a variety of lengths of PVC hose. There is also the option to add a water sensor, which triggers the pump to operate when submersed to 258mm and switch off at 145mm. See the secondary image.

Choose your size of hose outlet using the options below. 1" or 2" outlet

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Model LSC1.4s-25mm LSC1.4s-50mm
MPN 10-10-1186 10-10-1024
Outlet dia.  25mm (1") 50mm (1")
Power 0.48kW 0.48kW
Voltage 110V/230V 110V/230V
Flow 170 (L/min) 170 (L/min)
Weight (dry) 12kg 12kg
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The LSC1.4S Puddle pump can pump water as shallow as 1mm, and it is suitable for the quick and efficient clearance of unwanted water from flat surfaces. Positioning the outlet hose in either horizontal or vertical orientation helps avoid kinking, which ensures optimum water flow.

Submersible pumps from Tsurumi are famous for their longevity, because of their superior materials and well-made design. There are stories of Tsurumi pumps lasting for over three decades in the hire fleet, with parts still readily available even for superceded models.

Other features include:

• Pressed steel outer casing
• Cast aluminium pump stand
• Excellent wear resistance in gritty water
• Water backflow prevention
• Ultra hardwearing, lubricated seal
• Supplied with 10 metre power cable

This page is for the 110V version, please let us know if you need this in 230V.

Using a traditional submersible pump, there would always be a certain amount of water that couldn't be pumped because of the pump's design. Using a Tsurumi puddle pump, water can be sucked up down to a level as low as 1mm!

Gravity and loss of power can often lead to misdirected water flow. Tsurumi LSC pumps are fitted with a flap valve that prevents the back flow of water through the pump

Once the water has been pumped out, you usually run the risk of damaging the unit. Internal air circulation on the LSC pump means it can run dry for extended periods.

Tsurumi Pumps are stronger for longer