Tsurumi LB-480 Submersible Pump

The LB-480 from Tsurumi is a heavy duty yet lightweight pump for contracting, and is designed for dirty and abrasive site water. Tsurumi pumps are ideal for the hire fleet as they can withstand repeated use in typical site conditions.

The automatic version of this pump features a float which cuts off the machine once the water descends to a certain level. Choose from the options below. 

Tsurumi products are famous for their durability and longevity. The LB480 comes with Tsurumi's 3 year guarantee, but it is very common for their pumps to last DECADES in the hire fleet. Click here to learn more about Tsurumi pumps

Tsurumi Pumps 3 year Warranty | Red Band UK

The LB480 connects to 2" LAYFLAT hose. Please use the dropdown menu to choose between no hose or a variety of lengths of PVC hose.


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Model LB480-M-110 LB480-M-230 LB480-110 with float LB480-230 with float
MPN 10-10-1115 10-10-1118    
Operation Manual Manual Automatic Automatic
Outlet dia.  50mm (2") 50mm (2") 50mm (2") 50mm (2")
Power 0.48kW 0.48kW 0.48kW 0.48kW
Voltage 110V 230V 110V 230V
Flow 225 (L/min) 225 (L/min) 225 (L/min) 225 (L/min)
Weight (dry) 10.40kg 10.40kg 10.80kg 10.80kg
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The LB-480 enables the hose to be positioned either horizontally or vertically, and the layflat hoses are designed not to kink at any angle. The wear and tear that a submersible pump can withstand is down to the build quality and components.

The Tsurumi LB models have a rubber pump chamber, rubber wear plate and a urethane vortex impeller to withstand repeated exposure to silt and sand-laden water.

These pumps can even operate for extended periods without flow of water, thanks to the air cooling system. 

Durability is the name of the game with Tsurumi pumps, and the LB480 has been engineered to withstand continuous use in all manner of dirty or clean water. Earlier models have been known to last for a few DECADES, thanks to the build quality and strength.

Play the video on this page to see the LB480 in action!

Tsurumi Pumps are stronger for longer