ENAR Spyder Pro High Frequency Pokers - 110V

The Spyder Pro High Frequency pokers are compact, very powerful, easier to handle and considerably more efficient to use than conventional pendulum and air (pneumatic) pokers.

They are quieter in operation, generate considerably less noise than other pokers, are more environmentally friendly and expose operators to significantly less HAV (Hand Arm Vibrations) which means they can be used safely for longer periods of time. The 15m of electrical cable to switch enables operators to use HF pokers at long distances from the power supply.

Unlike other types of pokers, the vibration produced by a HF poker is produced in the poker head itself, rather than at source and then transmitted down the entire shaft length.

The pokers feature the latest in electronic high frequency vibration technology which creates very powerful, but very smooth high frequency vibrations and an in-line converter which eliminates the need for an additional external power source. Their stable amplitude means more effective, more efficient concrete compaction and is where HF pokers have a significant performance advantage (58mm flex-shaft poker circa 25m3/h v 35m3/h (+/-) HF poker).

Spyder Pro (110V 1ph) - 38, 50 or 60mm diameter poker heads. 5 or 10m flexible shaft. 15m cable.

Minimum 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

ENAR is a Spanish manufacturer and the world leader in Concrete Vibrators. Their products are well-respected, market proven and have been used extensively around the world for more than 40 years.

Rubber end caps available as optional extra.

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  Spyder Pro 3805 Spyder Pro 3810 Spyder Pro 5005 Spyder Pro 5010 Spyder Pro 6005 Spyder Pro 6010
Diameter 38mm 38mm 50mm 50mm 58mm 58mm
Input | voltage / frequency 110V ~ 50/60 Hz
Recommended transformer 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent*
Head Length 370mm 370mm 365mm 365mm 403mm 403mm
Frequency V.P.M Up to 12,000 Up to 12,000 Up to 12,000 Up to 12,000 Up to 12,000 Up to 12,000
Compaction Capacity Up to 20m³/h Up to 20m³/h Up to 30m³/h Up to 30m³/h Up to 35m³/h Up to 35m³/h
Shaft Length 5m 10m 5m 10m  5m 10m
Cable Length 15m 15m 15m 15m  15m 15m
Input | voltage / frequency 110V ~ 50/60 Hz 110V ~ 50/60 Hz 110V ~ 50/60 Hz 110V ~ 50/60 Hz 110V ~ 50/60 Hz 110V ~ 50/60 Hz
Weight 14.6kg 17.6kg 18.6kg 21.6kg  20.6kg 23.6kg
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*See our transformer guide for more info.

Safe & Reliable

High frequency pokers are very powerful and very reliable.

Spyder Pro high frequency pokers feature a built-in protection system which thermally protects the stator, prevents overload/overcurrent, overheating, short-circuiting, phase failure, current leakage and will automatically switch off to prevent electric shocks to the user. As the vibrations are produced in the poker head itself, rather than at the opposing end and transmitted down the entire shaft length like other more conventional types of concrete vibrators, the vibrations produced are more powerful and significantly more consistent. The poker hose itself is lighter, more comfortable and easier to handle, and there is no cumbersome PDU power source to constantly manoeuvre and move around the job site. The 15m of electrical cable and long hose lengths available (5 or 10m) means that HF pokers can be used at distance from the power source and for longer periods of safe working use.

Although electrically powered, Spyder Pro’s are very safe to use and are packed with safety features for operator safety including, IP67 protection against liquids and dust, waterproof casing and switch, casing made of aluminium for heat dissipation and high endurance against electric shocks to the operator.

From a reliability perspective, they are packed with many performance enhancing features including, slow start up to avoid current peaks (preventing damages to the motor and poker), an oversized convertor for enduring variations in power supply, thermal protection for the stator, protection at convertor inlet against abrupt fluctuations in voltage, protection at convertor outlet limiting consumption per phase, reinforced hose with integrated metal mesh resistant against abrasion and oil lubricated to maintain life span and high performance of the product.

Environmentally Friendly

HF pokers have zero emissions and are also significantly quieter in operation (<80dB), which reduces noise pollution and makes them ideal for use in confined and noise sensitive areas.


Made by ENARCO, the widely respected global leader in concrete vibrator production for over 4 decades whose products are highly regarded and high performance industry proven. Their products are made throughout from high grade materials and components and include a nose cap and tube hardened for extended product life and a reinforced hose against abrasion.