SCS8 -PD12-5 Auger Drive Swing Control System Trunion Mount

The Digga Swing Control System (SCS) is the only true Swing Control/dampening system available in the world today.

Integrated into the hitch and drive hood, this multi-award winning design doesn't depend on friction or cradles, and is fully independent of the host hydraulic system. The patented Digga Swing Control System (SCS) is the most revoltionary pendulum dampening system available on the market today.

The Digga SCS8-PD12-5 is designed to be used (only) in conjunction with the Digga PD12-5 auger drive. A double pin hitch is required, the prices of which are extra and available upon request.

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Whilst the Digga SCS8-PD12-5 dampens the swing, it still aloows the movement required for efficient excavator mounted pendulum drilling, both forward/aft, and side to side. Its unqiue designs means the faster you move, the quicker the unit stops. Digga SCS controls the pendulum action of your auger, making your auger easier to operate and control, safer on the work site, and greatly improves operator efficiency, productive rates and effectiveness.

• Comapct, low maintenance
• Adjustable levels of dampening
• Unique independent dampening cylinders control forward/aft, and side to side movement

The Digga Swing Control System can also be retrofitted to most existing auger drives. Please contact us for further information.