ScreeDemon WS500M Screed Drive Unit - Li-ion Battery

The new ScreeDemon WS500M battery powered screed unit is one of the most innovative, ergonomically and environmentally-friendly wet screeds available on the market. The WS500M is not only significantly quieter in operation than petrol counterparts, it emits no fumes, making it ideal for safe indoor use.

With no engine to maintain and service, and battery run times similar to a tank of fuel (but a fraction of the running cost), the WS500M marks the start of the next generation in wet screeds. This model even features lights to improve visibility in darker work areas.

You can purchase the WS500M (only) or in kit form (WS500M-Kit), which consists of the WS500M drive unit complete with battery kit.

The battery kit comprises 1 x 5A battery, 1 x 12A battery, 1 x charger and 1 x carry bag. You can also purchase an extra battery kit using the dropdown menu.

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  WS500M Screed Demon WS500M Kit
Motor Battery Powered  
Battery Type M18 Lithium-ion  
Operating Weight 16.0kg  
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The new battery powered ScreeDemon WS500M drive unit, sometimes known as Screed Demon, offers all the advantages of battery power without sacrificing performance. We believe battery screeders are the future of screeding.

Battery Power Run Time at Full Throttle Recharge Time
5Amp (Ah) 27 minutes 49 minutes
12Amp (Ah) 65 minutes 120 minutes

The data above is not a guarantee of expected performance, rather it has been created to give indicative run times with expected recharge times.

The machine was mounted onto a 10ft (3m) beam and was run with throttle at 100% on a vibration test mat. The batteries were fully charged prior to testing, and the throttle was kept at 100% until the machine stopped. Batteries were then recharged until completely full.

As with all batteries, cold weather has an adverse affect on performance. Other variables can affect run time. In order to get a run time in the region of two hours, we recommend using the 5Ah battery first, which will run for around 27 minutes on full throttle. Then disconnect the depleted battery to be recharged and replace with the 12Ah battery.