MBW ScreeDemon Beams

The ScreeDemon™ WS500H (Honda petrol) and WS500M (Lithium i-on battery) use the same range of interchangeable magnesium beams with a back-to-back triangular construction.

A range of 7 different sized beam lengths are available for use with the ScreeDemon™.

Available blade lengths range from 1.2 to 4.88m (typically in 0.6m/2ft increments).

Unlike many other competitor screed beams/blades they are made from magnesium, rather than aluminium, which is not only lighter, but more rigid too.

The beams also do not feature cut-outs or holes to weaken their structure and are easier to clean. The patented extra rigid, double triangular magnesium screed bar minimises variation in vibration over the beam length too.

The friction produced with the constant contact with beams with screed rails often causes beams to wear and feather at their ends. The design of the ScreeDemon™ enables worn beams to be cut, shortened and reused, rather than simply discarded and thrown away.


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