MBW ScreeDemon WS500M Lithium-ion Battery Kit

The ScreeDemon™ WS500M is one of the most innovative and environmentally pedestrian wet screeds available today.

It is powered by Milwaukee M18™ Redlithium batteries.

A battery kit is available to buy for the WS500M which consists of:

1 x 5Amp (Ah) M18 battery

1 x 12Amp (Ah) M18 battery

1 x M12-18C charger 

1 x Milwaukee carry bag

The idea with the battery pack is that the 5Amp battery supplied is used first whilst the larger 12Amp is charged. Once the 5Amp battery is depleted, it is swapped for the 12Amp battery and put on charge. This is process is then repeated as required.

Battery Power Run Time at Full Throttle Recharge Time
5Amp (Ah) 27 minutes 49 minutes
12Amp (Ah) 65 minutes 120 minutes

The data above is not a guarantee of expected performance, but rather has been created to provide indicative run times with expected associated recharge times.

For test purposes, the machine was mounted onto a 10ft (3m) beam and was run with throttle at 100% on a vibration test mat. The batteries were fully charged prior to testing, and the throttle was kept at 100% until the machine stopped. Batteries were then recharged until completely full.

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