Replacement Feet for Belle RTX Rammers

One of the many attractions and benefits of the Belle RTX trench rammer range is the ability to quickly and easily interchange the foot size of the rammer to best suit your individual compaction needs, which can often change from job to job.

A range of 3 standard plastic feet assemblies are available for use with the Belle RTX50, RTX60, RTX60M, RTX68R, RTX70R and RTX80. They are 165mm, 230mm or 280mm wide and each 335mm long, by 75mm high. These robust feet are ideal for a wide range of standard compaction duties.

In addition to the above, Altrad Belle have also engineered a highly popular range of interchangeable extended feet specifically for use when micro-trenching and installing microduct and fibre cabling.

Whilst this specially designed range of rammer feet can fit all Belle RTX models, it is recommended for use with the RTX60/M only, due to the weight and stability of this particular model.

This range of custom extended feet form part of an engineered solution which enables faster, more efficient, more environmentally friendly means of laying ducting and cabling, requiring smaller excavations and more cost reduced reinstatement. Four feet are available, in a choice of two widths (80 or 100mm) and three heights (160, 260 or 325mm).

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Standard Plastic Rammer Feet (Recommended for use with all RTX models)

  165mm Plastic Foot 230mm Plastic Foot 280mm Plastic Foot
MPN 980/03300 980/02400 980/02500
Foot Size (W x L x H) 165 x 335 x 75mm 230 x 335 x 75mm 280 x 335 x 75mm
Weight 4.35kg 6.20kg 7.10kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £141.95 £176.80 £187.85

Extension Rammer Feet for Micro-Trenching (Recommended for use with RTX60/M model)

  80 x 160mm  80 x 260mm  100 x 160mm  100 x 325mm
Foot Size (W x L x H) 80 x 384 x 160mm 80 x 384 x 260mm 100 x 335 x 160mm 100 x  335 x 325mm
Weight 7.30kg 8.60kg 7.55kg 9.55kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £164.90 £214.20 £215.90 £233.75