Red Band IBS 24" Block Saw -415V Electric

The IBS (Industrial Block Saw) has been designed specifically to facilitate the continuous cutting of standard sized 230mm/9” building blocks and other large masonry materials now commonplace on most construction sites.

The IBS like its smaller counterparts, the HBS and ISS-B, is made from the highest grade materials and is more robust and with more power than conventional saws.

The generous 230mm achievable cutting depth of the IBS enables it to cut standard building blocks without having to reverse the material, which in itself represents a massive time/cost saving, which is particularly important when cutting volume to a price/against the clock.

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Voltage 415V Electric
Motor Size 7.5kW/10HP
Maximum Cutting Length 600mm
Blade Capacity 600mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 230mm
Weight 310kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £4956.00

The IBS is capable of performing a wide variety of demanding cutting applications on a broad spectrum of masonry, stone and refractory materials.

• Strong and rigid construction, ensuring smooth and accurate cutting, thus prolonging blade life
• Spring loaded (lockable) cutting head giving the operator the flexibility of set depth or step cutting
• Supplied c/w foot pedal assembly for extra leverage
• British Made

 To add the functionality of angled cutting, you can buy the Tilting Table accessory for a discount using the dropdown menu.