Red Band IBS 24” Block Saw - 415V

The IBS (Industrial Block Saw) was specifically designed to enable standard 9” building blocks commonly used in construction to be cut without the need to reverse the material in order to cut all the way through it.

This strong, robust and powerful saw with almost twice the power of most standard 20”/500mm masonry saws is ideal for cutting concrete building and paving blocks, natural stone products, refractories and other similar masonry materials often commonplace on medium-large construction sites today. It is also the perfect saw for cutting such products on a production basis.

The ability to deep cut larger materials like building blocks without having to reverse them saves time, labour and money.

IBS (415V 3ph) - (10Hp/7.5kW). Max cutting length 600mm. Max depth of cut 230mm. 330kg.

16A - 3 phase supply.


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MPN IBS6.10.3
Motor Power 10Hp/7.5kW
Voltage 415V Electric
Fuse 16A (3-phase)
Blade Capacity 600mm/24"
Bore Size 25.4mm/1"
Maximum Cutting Depth 230mm
Maximum Material Height 275mm
Maximum Cutting Length 600mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 750 x 1670 x 1700mm
Table Size (W x L) 680 x 630mm
Weight 330kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £5,200.00

The IBS was born to fulfil an identified gap in the market for a masonry style saw with greater power and greater cutting capabilities, especially that of being capable of cutting a standard 9” concrete building block without having to reverse it, which requires more manual handling, time and cost.

Most 20”/500mm masonry saws are powered by a 5.5Hp/4kW 3-phase motor, whereas the IBS, a powerful 10Hp/7.5kW motor. In order to better and more evenly distribute the increased motor power, the IBS features a 4-belt transmission drive, as opposed to the 2-belt common on most 20” capacity masonry saws for enhanced cutting performance, especially on deeper and harder materials.

Increasing the power and transmission of a saw is only one part of the equation. The saw must be designed and suitably constructed to cope with the extra torsion, stresses and physical demands that increasing these elements brings. The IBS has a strong, dependable and rigid chassis/platform, an essential requirement for accurate and precise cutting.

The majority of components used in the construction of the IBS are bespoke, custom made and designed specifically to cope with the demands of the saw and frequency of use. Many parts are simply over-engineered to give them greater longevity in service, meaning less downtime and greater reliability and cutting performance. All components are made from high-grade, high quality materials, like for instance the cart sheaves of the conveyor cart which are made from a hardened durable polymer and turned down on a lathe and are considerably more resilient to wear than other wheels used by others.

The spring-loaded cutting head of the IBS can be locked into a fixed position for those who prefer this method of fixed, rather than step cutting. The ability to lock the head into a fixed position also eliminates the blade rising out of the cut and not cutting all the way through a material, which is common on other saws. The saw also has a foot pedal for those who wish to alternatively step cut materials.

The IBS can be supplied with an optional recirculating water pump or simply connected to either a mains water supply or an in-house recirculated water supply, commonplace in professional brick cutting operations.

 To add the functionality of angled cutting, you can buy the Tilting Table accessory for a discount using the dropdown menu.