Red Band HBS 18" Masonry Saw - 415V Electric

Most masonry saws available on the market today have been designed for intermittent and infrequent use, i.e to trim a block, brick, paver etc to a required size or shape when the requirement arises.

Due to the increasing popularity of the use of ‘specials’ or angled cuts in new construction and remedial renovations for aesthetic purposes, there is an increasing demand for larger volumes of bricks, similar masonry materials and concrete products to be cut on a more frequent and production cutting basis.

The HBS (Heavy-duty Brick Saw) has been specifically designed in conjunction with various elements of the professional brick cutting industry to produce a saw which is more robust, with greater power and greater cutting performance than most other lighter-duty masonry saws. It typically has almost 50% more power and 100% more transmission than most similar saws and has designed throughout to better withstand the rigours and demands of more frequent, continuous and production use.

The HBS is supplied as standard with a flat conveyor cart. A tilting table for angle cutting is also available as an optional extra.


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Voltage 415V Electric
Motor Size 5.5kW/7.5HP
Maximum Cutting Length 450mm
Blade Capacity 450mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 165mm
Weight 230kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £4520.00

● Heavy-duty, rigid construction throughout for accurate cutting performance

● Built using high grade components, often manufactured specifically for the HBS

● Lockable cutting head

● Shorter 450mm cutting length ideal for cutting smaller materials

● Optional recirculating water pump available

● Supplied c/w foot pedal assembly for extra leverage

● British Made