Red Band HBS 14/18" Masonry Saw -415V Electric

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Most masonry saws available on the market today have been designed to intermittently cut a brick or similar construction materials to size or shape when the requirement arises.

However,there is an ever growing requirement when cutting vast volumes of materials/production cutting, for a saw that is able to the rigours of continuous cutting on a regular basis.

£4,470.00 £3,725.00
RRP £5,970.00
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£4,470.00 £3,725.00
RRP £5,970.00


Voltage 415V Electric
Motor Size 5.5kW/7.5HP
Maximum Cutting Length 450mm
Blade Capacity 350 or 450mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 125 or 165mm
Weight 230kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £3725.00

Product Information

The HBS has been specifically designed in conjunction with various elements of the professional brick cutting industry, the result being a saw which is more robust and with more power than most conventional masonry saws, and which is suitable for continuous cutting applications, particularly brick cutting.

The HBS is available in 350mm or 450mm blade guard options.

• Supplied c/w foot pedal assembly for extra leverage
• British Made

For additional stability and safety when cutting you can also purchase the SG Safety Gripper, which enables comfortable two-handed operation of the masonry saw.