Red Band FS200 Floor Scabbler

The FS200 is a lightweight, robust, simple and easy to use floor planer, ideal for an incredibly wide and diverse variety of different surface preparation jobs.

The compact size, ease of handling and portability of the FS200 makes it the perfect solution for use on small to medium sized surfaces - everything from anti-slip grooving concrete, roughening surfaces, de-chipping surfaces, line, paint and rust removal etc.

This highly popular floor scarifier is one of the most popular and versatile surface preparation tools available and an excellent tool for contracting and rental uses alike.

The FS200 is available with a choice of drive units; petrol engine or 110V 1-ph electric. Working width 200mm/8”.

FS200-P (Honda Petrol) - (5.5Hp/4.0kW). Ideal for outdoors and in remote locations. Perfect for road marking removal, de-chipping flat roofs.

FS200-E (110V 1ph) - (3.0Hp/2.2kW). Ideal for a wide variety of other indoor surface preparation uses.

Minimum 32A, 10kVA continuous supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

Supplied with a heavy-duty drum complete with a set of 76 x TCT flails (5-point) as standard.

Can also be used with a twist-knot steel wire drum for light rust and paint removal which is available to buy as an optional extra.


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  FS200-P FS200-E
Model Honda Petrol 110V Electric
Engine/Motor Power 5.5Hp/4.0kW 3.0Hp/2.2kW
Fuse n/a 32A (1-phase)
Minimum Transformer n/a 10KVA Continuous*
Working Width 200mm/8” 200mm/8”
Cutters Included 5-Point Tungsten Carbide 5-Point Tungsten Carbide
Weight 46kg 46kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1,485.00 £1,350.00

*See our transformer guide for more info.

The highly versatile FS200 is the perfect tool for a wide variety of general surface preparations duties.

When used with the drum mounted 5-point TCT cutters with which it is supplied as standard, the FS200 can be used for an incredibly wide variety of tasks including, cleaning and roughening concrete and asphalt surfaces, white line and road marking removal, ice build ups, de-chipping flat roofs, small/shallow concrete stock removal and high points, producing anti-slip grooving on surfaces etc.

When fitted with the optional twist-knot wire steel brush, the FS200 can be used for general cleaning of light deposits, such as lightly greased floors, flaky paint, light rust etc.

The FS200 can also be used with other compatible consumables such as beam cutters, hexagonal TCT cutters and a variety of milling cutters for other more specialised surface preparation tasks such as de-scaling ship decks, de-rusting metal surfaces, ice build ups from cold stores, removal of paint, grease, thermoplastics and oil deposits.

The FS200 features an integral vacuum port for effective dust management and an adjustable handle for improved operator control and comfort.