Red Band FS HD Honda Petrol Floor Planer/Scabbler

Red Band FS HD Honda Petrol Floor Planer/Scabbler

Red Band FS HD 415V Electric Floor Planer/Scabbler

The FS HD is a heavy duty, more industrious, more productive floor planer/scabbler designed to meet the rigours of more demanding floor planing and scabbling applications.

The FS HD is robust, simple and easy to use and cost effective floor planer/scabbler, and probably the versatile type of surface preparation machinery available, and consequently an excellent tool for contracting and rental alike.

£3,000.00 £2,500.00

Varying types of textured/configured drums can be changed within minutes to accommodate different finish requirements to various types of surfaces.

Applications the FS HD can be used for include:

• Cleaning and roughening of concrete and asphalt
• Removal of paint, rust, oil, grease, rubber, ice build ups, road markings etc
• De-chipping flat roofs
• Anti slip grooving

Features of the FS HD include:

• Supplied with heavy duty drum c/w TCT flails
• Vibration dampened handle
• Height adjustment on handlebars
• Dead mans handle and throttle control
• Height adjustment by handwheel mechanism and lift up handle
• Robust accurate laser cut construction
• Effective dust skirt
• Vacuum extraction facility