Red Band BSD35 14" Masonry Saw

The BSD35 is a strong, robust and precise general purpose masonry saw with a 14” blade capacity which provides a maximum 125mm depth of cut, making it ideal for cutting a wide variety of small masonry materials and concrete products, like bricks, pavers, roof tiles etc.

Most other dedicated 14” masonry saws available on the market are designed for more intermittent use and have a more lightweight construction, less power and this is why many buy larger capacity saws and use smaller 14” diameter blades on them. Whilst this may be possible to do, it is not the optimum, as visibility of the blade periphery is often obscured to the operator, blade peripheral speed variations etc.

BSD35 simply stands for 'Brick Saw Deluxe 350mm'. The BSD was specifically developed by a team at Red Band with over 150 years combined experience selling and servicing masonry saws, who identified a place in the market for a strong, durable saw with a high cutting performance, which was also easier, quicker and cheaper to maintain, yet still retained a Deluxe status, with refinements like a winding handle depth adjustment and SG Safety Gripper for improved operator safety being standard fare on the saw. This makes the BSD a particularly attractive proposition for the rental market.

The BSD35 is available with a choice of drive units; petrol engine or electric motor (110, 230 or 415V). Max cutting length 500mm. Max depth of cut 125mm.

BSD35 (Honda Petrol) - (5.8Hp/4.3kW). Ideal for use in remote locations and virgin sites with no access to power.

BSD35 (110V 1ph) - (3.0Hp/2.2kW). Ideal for site use and in noise sensitive or poorly ventilated areas.

Minimum 32A, 10kVA continuous supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

BSD35 (230V 1ph) - (3.0Hp/2.2kW). Ideal for static, more prolonged use. 16A direct supply.

BSD35 (415V 3ph) - (5.5Hp/4.0kW). Ideal for static, more prolonged use and more forgiving than single phase. 16A 3-phase supply.


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  BSD35-Petrol BSD35-110V BSD35-230V BSD35-415V
MPN BSD35-P BSD35-E-110 BSD35-E-230 BSD35-E-415
Voltage n/a 110V Electric 230V Electric 415V Electric
Fuse n/a 32A (1-phase)  16A (1-phase) 16A (3-phase)
Minimum Transformer n/a 10kVA Continuous* n/a n/a
Motor Power 5.8Hp/4.3kW 3.0Hp/2.0kW 3.0Hp/2.0kW 5.5Hp/4.0kW
Maximum Cutting Length 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm
Blade Capacity 350mm  350mm  350mm  350mm 
Maximum Cutting Depth 125mm 125mm 125mm 125mm
Maximum Material Height 355mm 355mm 355mm 355mm
Bore Size 25.4mm/1” 25.4mm/1” 25.4mm/1” 25.4mm/1”
Table Size 580 x 420mm 580 x 420mm 580 x 420mm 580 x 420mm
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 1480 x 610 x 1540mm 1480 x 610 x 1480mm 1480 x 610 x 1480mm 1480 x 610 x 1480mm
Weight 165kg 165kg 165kg 165kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £2,515.00 £2,515.00 £2,515.00 £2,515.00

*See our transformer guide for more info.

The BSD has been built around tried, tested and proven concepts and constructed from high grade, quality materials and components to ensure efficient service and longevity.

A key consideration in the design of the BSD was the service and maintenance of the product. The aim was to produce a functioning, high performance saw with more affordable parts, easier and quicker to maintain, and had less moving wear-parts, whilst still retaining desired functionality like winding handle and foot pedal depth control and without compromising the cutting performance or cutting accuracy of the saw.

The BSD has a strong and rigid construction and a standalone frame design. This is unusual for a 14” blade capacity masonry saw, which tend to be more lightweight construction, with fold down/detachable legs, and designed for more intermittent use. It also includes a built-in integral recirculating water pump for wet cutting applications.

To add the option of angled cuts, add the Tilting Table, which can be bought for a discount with the machine using the dropdown menu. Please note this masonry saw does not come with a blade, but you can choose a suitable diamond blade for your material from our Masonry Saw Blades section.