Red Band BSA235H Hydraulic Block & Slab Splitter

The BSA235H is a robust, heavy-duty hydraulic block and slab splitter, designed to for quick and efficient splitting of a variety of physically larger sized concrete and masonry materials. These include kerb stones, paving slabs, paving blocks and building blocks with parallel faces/surfaces.

• Three sided, reversible blades with hardened cutting edges,extending blade life
• Fitted with heavy-duty transportation wheels as standard
• Large work surface to support material during splitting
• British Made 

Block splitters are designed to exert force onto materials from top and bottom causing them to fracture/split rather than creating a sawn edge finish. The only way to achieve a sawn edge finish is by cutting using a bladed cutter. We do not recommend using the BSA235H to split natural stone without a parallel face or pre-sawn line.

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Maximum Cutting Height 235mm
Minimum Cutting Height 45mm
Maximum Cutting Width 640mm
Weight 110kg
Our Price £895.00

The splitting action of the BSA235H is assisted by virtue of the 15 Tonne hydraulic jack fitted to the machine, making it considerably easier for the operator to spilt dense materials, with significantly less effort, less noise, less dust and more safely. Did you know it's •British Made•

Why saw it when you can split it!

NB - We do not recommend the use of the BSA235H for splitting natural stone which has not been sawn/pre-prepared and does not have parallel faces/surfaces.