Aluminium Hand Tamper

The Red Band range of aluminium hand tamps provides a simple, efficient and economical means of manually tamping and levelling newly poured concrete pads and slabs to a flat finish.

They are designed to be used by two operatives to manually tamp and drag the concrete to the required finished level. Short or long handles are available which can be used at either end of the tamp to provide the operators with greater control of the tamp, especially over longer beam/bay lengths. Short handles are preferrable when working at ground level and can be used in a saw beam or tamping motion as required. Long handles are more suited for an upright working position and most commonly used to tamp concrete.

Tamp handles are plated for easy cleaning and are supplied in pairs complete with grips and fixings.

Unlike wooden tamps, concrete aluminium tampers do not react or deteriorate with the moisture and/or the abrasive nature of green concrete. 

Each tamp is supplied pre-drilled (to receive compatible handles) and have capped ends to prevent the ingress of concrete inside the beam section.

Red Band hand tamps are lightweight, durable, cost efficient, easy to use, clean, transport and store.


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