Red Band Aluminium Dapple Bar

The dapple bar is used for removing bubbles in liquid screed and self-levelling concrete.

The product consists of a lightweight but robust horizontal bar with height-adjustable handles. Choose your size of lateral length; 2m or 3m. We also have a set of three different sizes, which includes a 0.9m version. The smallest version has a single cranked handle.

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  2m 3m Dapple Set
Bottom bar length 200cm 300cm 200cm + 300cm + 90cm
Bottom bar diameter 38mm 38mm 3 x 38mm
Overall weight 5.5kg 3kg 10.3kg

Handle Length (min/max)

520mm/ 900mm  900mm 520mm/ 900mm + 900mm + 960mm

Distance between handles

200mm 470mm  
Colour Black Black Black
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £150.00 £180.00 £375.00

2000mm Steel Dapple Bar

  • Height adjustable steel dapple bar with a single 90-degree comfort grip handle. 
  • 2-metre bottom bar, 38mm diameter.

3000mm Aluminium Dapple Bar

  • Lightweight aluminium tamping bar with separate handles.
  • 3-metre long bottom bar with a 38mm diameter to create the required ‘wave’ on site

Dapple Bar Set

  • 2000mm Dapple Bar
  • 3000mm Dapple Bar
  • 900mm Dapple Bar (0.9m bottom bar with single central handle)