Clipper Pro Beton Diamond Blade - 16"/400mm Dia.

The Clipper PRO Beton is a laser welded Diamond Blade suitable for use on reinforced concrete and a wide range of construction materials. 

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probeton-16"/400mm Dia. NG
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    Size Bore Item No.
Angle  Grinder 230mm 22.23mm
Hand  Held 300mm 20mm 70184611453 70184627058
    350mm 25.4mm 70184627061 70184627061
    400mm 25.4mm 70184611460 70184627062
Masonry Saws 350mm 25.4mm 70184627061  
    400mm 25.4mm 70184627062  
    450mm 25.4mm 70184627063  
    500mm 25.4mm 70184627064  
    600mm 25.4mm 70184627065  
Floor Saws 350mm 25.4mm 70184611458 70184627061
    400mm 25.4mm 70184611460 70184627062
    450mm 25.4mm 70184611461 70184627063
    500mm 25.4mm 70184611981 70184627064
    600mm 25.4mm 70184611982 70184627065

The Pro Beton range of blades can be used on angle grinders, disc cutters, floor saws and masonry saws and can be used for wet and dry cutting.

The blade features a depth indicator to monitor the life remamaning on the blade and to also show the cutting direction (this feature is on blades up to 450mm on the Pro Beton that has replaced the Super Beton Evo range, please ask for details).

There are two different types of gullet available on the Pro Beton - narrow gullets (NG) for harder materials and wide gullets (WG) for softer materials (please ask for further details).