Battipav Prime 150S 14" Bridge Saw (1.5m) - 110V

The Battipav Prime 150S is a high-performance, professional bridge saw with a powerful 2.2kW single-phase plunging motor, a 14” blade capacity and a maximum cutting length of 1500mm (1.5m).

This strong and precise premium-quality bridge saw can be used to straight and angle cut a wide and diverse range of ceramic, porcelain and vitrified floor and wall tiles, as well as an expansive range of natural stone products like marble and granite, together with concrete and masonry building materials too, unlike many other similarly long competitor saws.

It has a generous 110mm maximum cutting depth (@ 90°) and features vanguard technical design innovations, including a laser cutting guide which ensure absolute cutting accuracy over the entire 1.5m cutting length. It is equipped with a handy transport wheel kit, carry handles, a tilting cutting head for easy mitre cuts, a recirculating electric water pump for wet cutting, patented retractable legs, winding handle feed control and has a modular construction with replaceable aluminium profiles.

Battipav are a highly regarded Italian manufacturer who have specialised in the design and production of tile cutters and wet saws for over forty years; Italy of course being considered as the home of natural stones and stone cutting equipment.

Prime 150S 110V (1ph) - (3.0hp/2.2Kw). Max cutting length 1500mm. Max depth of cut 110mm (@90o). 97kg.

Minimum 16A, 3kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent supply. See our transformer guide for more info.

*Please note that the diamond blade, side extension table, transport handle, raise and lower handle kit and lateral tile support featured in the supporting product video are not standard fare and are available as optional extras only.

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  Prime 150S 
MPN  91501/A
Voltage 110V Electric
Fuse 16A (1-phase)
Minimum Transformer 3kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent*
Motor power 2.2kW/3.0Hp
Maximum Cutting Length 1500mm
Maximum Diagonal Cut 1060 x 1060mm
Blade Capacity 350mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (90°) 110mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (45°) 80mm
Bore Size 25.4mm/1”
Working Table Size 1485 x 625mm
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 2280 x 900 x 1305mm
Weight 97kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1,972.00

*See our transformer guide for more info.

The Prime 150S is a high quality, high-performance radial cutter with a strong and precise extruded overhead rail.

It has an avant-garde design and is packed with vanguard technical innovations for enhanced cutting accuracy and performance over the entire cutting length.

The cutting head of the saw can easily be tilted and angled to accurately cut mitres with ease, time and time again. It includes an efficient integral electrically powered water pump for wet cutting applications.

The saw is of modular construction, the main profiles of the saw being constructed from interchangeable aluminium profiles which provide strength and rigidity, at a comparatively low weight. The profiles can also be interchanged and replaced in the event of accidental damage too.

The cutting head of the saw is controlled by a small handwheel mounted at the end of the saw which allows the operator to gradually feed/traverse the head across the material being cut with both accuracy and ease.

Its blade guard features a patented water spray system and is insulated to lower operating noise levels. The blade guard has 3 locking screws which allow quick and easy access and blade exchange.

Carry handles on either side of the saw and a high-quality wheel kit with 200mm diameter rubber wheels to aid transportation of the saw to/around site (on solid surfaces) and on/off vehicles. This allows the saw to be towed or carried into position. Its incorporated, patented ‘fast leg’ retractable leg system with quick release/locking levers enables fast setup and dismantling.

The working table of the Prime 150S is generously sized and consists of component aluminium inserts which not only provide a stable base to load materials onto, but which can also be easily removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.  

A professional adjustable goniometer fence is also included with each saw as standard.