Battipav Prime 100 14" Bridge Saw - 110V Electric

The Battipav Prime 100 is a highly versatile, strong and precise bridge saw with a generous 1000mm cutting length, ideal for cutting a wide variety of masonry materials, concrete products and natural stones (granite, marble, limestone etc).

It is suitable for cutting everything from a standard brick or block, to a physically large paving slab or tile etc, with simplicity, accuracy and ease.

It features a 14”/350mm blade capacity with a maximum depth of cut of 110mm (@ 90°) and an adjustable cutting head which enables angle cuts of up to 45° to be effortlessly produced.

Please note that the diamond blade, transport handles, side extension table, extended guide-a-cut, raise & lower handle kit and lateral guide shown in the supporting product video are available as optional extras only. Our offer includes a free transport wheel kit, ordinarily costing an additional £108.00.

Minimum 3kVA continuous-rated transformer or 5kVA intermittent-rated transformer recommended. See our transformer guide for more information.

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  PRIME 100
MPN 9100
Voltage 110V Electric
Motor 3hp/2.2kW
Fuse/Transformer 16A/5KVA
Maximum Cutting Length 1000mm
Blade Capacity 350mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (90o/45o) 110/80mm
Weight 83kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1299.00

Minimum 3kVA continuous-rated transformer or 5kVA intermittent-rated transformer recommended. See our transformer guide for more information.

Quality Construction

The Prime 100 is manufactured by Battipav, a widely respected Italian manufacturer of high quality tiling tools and stone cutting equipment. Italy is considered by many to be the home of natural stones and Italian manufacturers regarded for their conversancy and familiarity of the market.

The main bed/chassis of the saw is made from interchangeable aluminium extruded profiles which offer strength and durability, at a comparatively low-weight.

The legs of the Prime 100 are retractable and feature quick release design locking levers to fix them securely into position. This makes it easier to erect and collapse the saw down for transportation and storage purposes.

Quality Controls

Powerful 2.2kW (3Hp) motor.

Switch with release coil and overheat protection with manual reset in the event of the cutting disc becoming jammed for increased operator safety.

Large Working Table

The Prime 100 features a large working surface area (620mm wide) and is made from galvanised steel. It is ideal for safely supporting large tiles etc whilst they are being cut and can be further increased in size by the addition of the optional galvanised steel side extension table (mountable on either side of the saw). The sectional work surface is made from aluminium draw plate to provide rigidity and lightness both at the same time.

Wet Cutting

Bridge saws and rail saws of a similar ilk are most commonly used to cut larger and very hard materials, like ceramic tiles, porcelain etc and therefore typically need to be cut wet. The Prime 100 has features an integral water tank and built in recirculating water pump.

Positive and Easy Angle Cutting

The cutting head of the Prime 100 can quickly and easily be angled from its ordinarily perpendicular position to produce angle cuts of up to 45°. The saw wiring is integrated inside the rail/bridge to avoid inference with the cutting area.

Cutting Depth

The cutting is easy to adjust, set and lock into its desired working position. A graduated scale provides a highly visible and easy means of identification for the depth set.

Cutting Accuracy

The cutting head of the saw is mounted on to the rail/bridge by means of 8 ball-bearings, of which 4 work always perpendicular to the rail. This ensures that the head of the saw can quickly, smoothly and precisely traverse along the length of rail/bridge. The cutting head can be manually pulled across the rail/bridge or manually wound via the handwheel mounted on the saw.

The rail/bridge of the saw is made from extruded aluminium which has a high resistance to torsional stresses and is equipped with interchangeable stainless steel baring tracks for absolute cutting precision. Additionally, the rail/bridge of the Prime 100 features a graduated scale for ease of identifying and achieving your desired cutting length, and the work table surface another graduated scale across its wide too.

A professional adjustable goniometer fence is also included with the saw as standard.