Obart EEM-20 Diesel Pumping Kit - Electric

The EEM-20 is a self-priming pump for the efficient and safe pumping of diesel and biodiesel for plant, freight and agricultural use. This complete unit includes a protective frame, 3m hose, couplings and trigger nozzle. The flow rate is 28 litres per minute and the pump is fitted with a forward/reverse switch for filling and emptying.

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Model EEM20-110V EEM20-230V
Head Size 28m 28m
Outlet dia.  20mm 20mm
Motor 0.37kW 110V 0.37kW 230V
Flow 28 L/min 28 L/min
Weight (dry) 8.5kg 8.5kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £188.00 £188.00

For pumping diesel

The EEM-20 can pump red diesel, white diesel, biodiesel and water, but must not be used for petrol, chemicals or solvents or products with a low flash point. The flow rate of 28 litres per minute ensures accuracy and safety when working with hazardous liquids.

Quality components

This pumping kit is made with a bronze pump casing and impeller for robustness, an aluminium trigger nozzle for ergonomics, and the metal frame acts to protect the single-phase motor from damage in transit. The motor itself is IP55 rated, so protected against a certain level of water and granular ingress.

Two-way flow

Forward and reverse switch enables filling and emptying at the flick of a switch, and it can safely operate for up to 5 minutes with the nozzle in the closed position