Norton Clipper CR16 Petrol Trench Rammer

The Clipper CR16 is a powerful and fast operating upright rammer which features a hardened steel plate for maximum durability.

With its high 16kN centrifugal force, high travel speed and a maximum compaction depth of 60-70cm, this hard hitting, productive heavyweight performer is ideal for a wide variety of applications and for use on granular and cohesive soils.

The CR 16 is powerful enough to get jobs fast, yet well-balanced, easy to manoeuvre and control.

CR16 (4-Stroke Honda Petrol) - (3.5Hp/2.6kW). 280mm foot. 16kN centrifugal force. 15-18m/min travel speed.

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Item No.  70184608012
Engine Honda GX120 Petrol
Nett Power 
Foot Size 280 x 330mm (W x L)
Foot Width 280mm (11")
Centrifugal Force 16kN
Static Pressure 877kg/m²
Maximum Compaction Depth 60-70cm
Travel Speed 15-18m/min
Vibration Level 8m/sec²
Weight 70 kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1,858.00

The CR16 has an ergonomic and user-friendly design and is built from durable, highly quality components throughout.

It features a throttle lever positioned close to the main handle for easier operator control and steel plating to protect its engine during use and transportation. Lifting and handling points on the rammer are easily accessible and permit safe handling. Rollers on the handle enable the rammer to be rolled on and off vehicles with greater ease.

The CR16 additionally features a large, easy to access remote fuel tank, which is also easy to fill. Access to all service points is quick and easy too (and includes an oil level sight on the rammer leg for added convenience).