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Norton Clipper, part of the Saint Gobain Group, have a rich history in construction machinery and diamond blades. Since inventing the laser-welded diamond blade in the early 1980s, the company has continued to innovate in the cutting and abrasives markets.

Red Band have been working with Norton Clipper for over 35 years, supplying masonry saws, floor saws, tile saws and blades to the construction industry. This means Red Band staff have a high level of knowledge about the current product line, as well as models from years gone by.

Red Band are an authorised Norton Clipper service partner, and there are technicians on site with a wealth of experience in repairing and servicing these items.

Norton Clipper have recently introduced a slick new look to the range of blades and machinery. Blade housings on saws now have distinctive royal blue stripes with silver trim against the familiar shade of Safety Orange. A single orange band across the top of the central section of blades shows the branding with clear labelling underneath, and represents a clear theme for all Norton Clipper products.

 Norton Clipper Dealer | Red Band UK

Norton Clipper Masonry Saws

The CM501 has been the industry standard in Masonry saws for years and continues to be the go-to machine for cutting a wide range of materials. Originally known as the Clipper Major, the CM501 is joined by other models such as the CM401 (AKA Clipper Junior) and CM42 (Clipper Compact).

Norton Clipper Floor Saws

Norton Clipper floor saws and road saws deliver outstanding cutting performance and high operator comfort. The CS451 is Norton Clipper’s flagship floor saw, available in petrol, diesel and electric versions.

Norton Clipper Diamond Blades

As the pioneers of diamond blades, the Norton Clipper brand has long been considered the leader of the market for cutting and abrasives. The range is identifiable according to a three-tiered system of Classic, Pro and Extreme.

Norton Clipper Blade Tiers