Mi Tower+ Access Tower (4-8M WH)

The MI TOWER+ is a highly versatile, problem-solving access solution; a tower which can easily be assembled and dismantled by one-person, with a 1.5m platform, large enough for up to two people and their tools (to a maximum combined weight of 240kg), thereby freeing up valuable labour on site to perform other duties.

It embodies the same innovation, safety and convenience of its sister product, the MI TOWER, but in a larger format that means two people can work from it simultaneously and at even greater working heights of up to 8m - which can still be assembled in less than 20 minutes by just one-person.

The MI TOWER+ is a big tower with a small, highly portable footprint, making it a great alternative to SW Ladderspan tower and is ideal for a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor uses, and varying sage working heights.

MI TOWER+ - Two-person operation. Working Height 4-8m. Platform Heights 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6m.

EN 1004 Class 3 Compliant for both internal and external works.


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Working Height  4m* 5m* 6m* 7m* 8m*
Platform Height 2m** 3m** 4m** 5m** 6m**
Overall Height 3m*** 4m*** 5m*** 6m*** 7m***
Overall Width 728mm 728mm 728mm 728mm 728mm
Overall Length 1620mm 1620mm 1620mm 1620mm 1620mm
Platform Dimensions (W x L) 610 x 1472mm 610 x 1472mm 610 x 1472mm 610 x 1472mm 610 x 1472mm
Stabiliser Footprint (W x L) 3.1 x 3.9m 3.1 x 3.9m 3.1 x 3.9m 3.1 x 3.9m 3.1 x 3.9m
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*Working height: a typical height at which the operator can comfortably reach.
**Platform height: the elevated surface level of the operator on the tower.
***Overall height: the highest point of the tower when fully assembled.

MI TOWER+ is an innovative, highly flexible, user-led access solution for working at heights of up to 8m.

It is constructed to the highest quality standards for a robust scaffold tower that is fully compliant with EN 1004 Class 3 and comes with an array of safety-enhancing features designed to create optimum conditions for secure working.

Its small stabiliser footprint of just 3.1 x 3.9m allows it to easily fit into smaller work spaces off limits to some other competitor tower, thanks to its telescopic stabilisers which can be adjusted to suit the dimensions of the site and floor surface.

For ease of storage and transportation the MI TOWER+ has been designed so that all components can be safely stored within the tower’s base assembly, which is securely mounted on 4 lockable castor wheels for ease of movement.

Despite its compact format and ability to easily manoeuvre through a standard doorway, the MI TOWER+ with its 1500m platform has more than sufficient space to comfortably accommodate two people and their tools, and is rated for a maximum weight of up to 240kg.

The MI TOWER+ is strong and robust, with easy-clip frame clips and easy-lock stabilisers creating a stable foundation for working and a unique component hanging system with innovative Easy- Hangers which provide a convenient to store materials during assembly and dismantling, and which simply slide back into place when not in use.