Mini Loader KTR Trencher

The Kanga KTR trencher features an adjustable skid foot to ensure desired preset depths at all times.

The KTR trencher also comes standard with a Head Start crumber which self-adjusts as the trench gradually deepens to leave a flat and even trench bottom. This innovative feature eliminates the need for the operator to get off the machine to reset it once trenching has begun. The skid foot has been designed for improved visibility, allowing the operator to see when the trencher is in the correct trenching position.

*Suitable for use on a Kanga 5,6 & 7 Series, Toro, Dingo, Vermeer & More* Call for more info.

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Loader KTR Trencher


Cutting Width 200mm
Cutting Depth 900mm
Weight 198kg
Compatibility Kanga 5,6,7, Toro, Dingo, Vermeer & More

– Combo – 70% Tungsten Faceted & 30% Earth teeth
– Earth – Cupped Earth teeth