Swivel Knucklehead Gearbox - Composite

This strong, ultra-lightweight swivel knucklehead gearbox can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of manual concrete finishing tools, including Fresno Brooms, Magnesium Bull/Easy Floats, Big Blue Glider Trowels, Channel Radius Floats etc.

This fully enclosed knucklehead has a one-to-one ratio and is fitted with integral grease points to extend the product life. It is simply screwed to the concrete finishing tool required thanks to its multi-adaptor baseplate. Aluminium handles are then simply ‘snapped’ together and to the stem of the knucklehead until the desired working reach is attained.

The connected handle(s) is then rotated by the operator and the pitch of knucklehead and connected tool accordingly adjusted as it is pushed out and drawn back over the work surface, eliminating the need for constantly bending and lifting. It also greatly improves efficiency and productivity, and from a more conducive, more comfortable standing working position.

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Material Composite
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