KlampSAFE Material Clamp

KlampSAFE material clamp - WINNER of the 2013 Charles Godfrey award for innovation.

KlampSAFE is a new, simple and ingenious clamping system which enables a wide variety of materials to be quickly, securely and SAFELY held into a fixed position.

The potential uses for KlampSAFE is literally endless in a diverse range of industries, but one of it's obvious attractions is it's ability to hold a wide variety of varying sized building materials handsfree whilst they are cut, drilled or ground.

KlampSAFE is incredibly versatile and easy to use, surprisingly stable, robust, yet comparatively lightweight (12kgs), making it easily transportable to and around site.


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Weight 12kg
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The KlampSAFE is simple and quick to erect into it's working position, literally three easy movements in as many seconds. All you have to do then is to place your material in the desired position, stand on and depress the spring action foot pedal engaging the clamp, stand off the foot pedal, and you're ready to go!

KlampSAFE is so quick and easy to use, there really is no excuse not to use it! Why compromise your own health and safety by standing or holding materials in the traditional manner?

Using KlampSAFE can significantly improve operator safety, especially when it is used to securely hold a wide variety of building materials (bricks, blocks, pavers, ceramic tiles, roof tiles etc) in a fixed position 'handsfree' whilst they are being cut, drilled or ground.

The working position of KlampSAFE allows materials to be held at an elevated, more convenient, more conducive working height, and means that the operator does not need to bend down to floor level to cut materials, and furthermore, reduces the risk of damage to surrounding areas/surfaces.

KlampSAFE is highly portable, and quickly folds down into a flat position for carrying, transportation and storage.

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