Kanga TK216 Tracked Mini Loader -16Hp Honda Petrol

Kanga TK216 Tracked Mini Loader -16Hp Petrol

Kanga KK216 Wheeled Mini Loader -16Hp Petrol

The Kanga Kid KK216 2 Series mini skid steer loader incorporates standard operating features that provide the operator with an edge in power, speed, durability, ease-of-use and safety.

Kanga machines are a great combination of high performance, efficiency and ease of use. The beauty of the Kanga offering is in the attachments. There are over 60 accessories to help with applications including trenching, post hole boring, digging, cultivating, moving loads, tree planting, internal/external demolition, groundworks, sweeping and kerb/slab lifting. The Kanga can drastically reduce labour costs and increase productivity.

The 2 series Kanga 'Kid' is a highly versatile stand on machine, ideal for working in/accessing confined spaces because of its' compact size and skid steer abilities.

The powerful Vanguard engine fitted to the KK216 provides more than enough horsepower to get the toughest jobs done quickly and easily.



Performance Engine
Lift Capacity: 100kg Engine Model: Vanguard 305777
Travel Speed: 5.4km/h Petrol/Diesel: Petrol
Fuel Capacity: 8.5L Power: 11.5kW/16hp
Operating Weight: 470kg (KK216)
Drive/Operating System:5 Hand Levers Dimensions
Max. Operating Height: 1570mm (KK216)
Hydraulics Overall Height: 1200mm (KK216)
Gear Pump Displacement: 6.2cc/rev Overall Length: 1560mm
Pump Output: 22L/min Overall Length (c/w bucket): 2070mm
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 51.5L Overall Wheel Width: 770mm
System Pressure: 186bar Track Width: 800mm
Hydraulic Wheel Motors: 2 Ground Clearance:150mm (KK216)
Wheel Rim Size: 8 inch
Bucket Max. Roll Back: 36°
Bucket Max. Dump Angle: 48°

The Kanga Kid conforms to Occupational Health and Safety Standards and CE Certification, so you can be sure it operates safely as well as efficiently. If you invest in a Kanga you are sure to see a superb return on investment as you appreciate its multi-functional nature. Many users have told us they have broadened their project diversity because of the additional tasks the Kanga 216 can perform.

A mini Kanga loader can become your most reliable workmate, turning labour-intensive tasks into one-man projects. With reduced Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) and optimised weight and hydraulic output, every Kanga machine is engineered to deliver the best results with the highest levels of user comfort, safety and efficiency. 

Originally designed and developed on the Gold Coast of Australia in 1981, Kanga Loaders has spread worldwide, becoming the most recognised and best multi tasking Mini Skid Steer Loader available in the global market.

Please contact us for more details on the Kanga product range and how a Kanga could assist your business.