Kanga DA525 Wheeled Loader -25Hp Kubota Diesel

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Originally designed and developed on the Gold Coast of Australia in 1981, Kanga Loaders has spread worldwide, becoming the most recognised and best multi tasking Mini Skid Steer Loader available in theglobal market.

The Kanga DA525 is a highly versatile stand on machine, and is the entry level machine in the larger Loader range, with four wheel drive and greater lifting abilities/overall performance than the smaller 2 series (Kid).

The powerful 25HP Kubota diesel engine fitted to the DA525 provides more than enough horsepower to get the toughest jobs done quickly and easily.

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Lift Capacity: 250kg
Travel Speed: 8km/h
Fuel Capacity: 49L
Operating Weight: 930kg
Tracked/Wheeled: Wheeled
Drive/Operating System: 6 Hand Levers


Gear Pump Displacement: 11.3cc/rev
Pump Output: 40.7L/min
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 72L
System Pressure: 203bar
Hydraulic Wheel Motors: 4


Engine Model: Kubota D722
Petrol/Diesel: Diesel
Power: 15kW/20hp

Max. Operating Height: 2460mm
Overall Height: 1300mm
Overall Length: 1660mm
Overall Length (c/w bucket): 2200mm
Overall Wheel Width: 1010mm
Ground Clearance: 140mm
Bucket Max. Roll Back: 40°
Bucket Max. Dump Angle: 60°

Product Information

The Kanga DA525 mini skid loader incorporates standard operating features that provide the operator with an edge in power, speed, durability, ease-of-use and safety.

The advantages of a Kanga loader are multiple. Machines such as the 5 series are compact enough to be highly manoevrable and agile, yet powerful enough to carry out a multitude of landscaping tasks. Although it's authentically Australian, some Kanga users have described the machines as like the Swiss Army Knife of landscaping machines. With attachments for fencing, digging, moving loads, trenching, sweeping etc, you can get a huge amount of tasks done with just one machine.

Safety is becoming more of a concern as landscaping professionals consider the wear and tear on the user as well as their tools. Each model of loader from Kanga can be used for longer periods of time than other machines on the market without risk of injury or discomfort. Each Kanga machine is engineered not only to be efficient and powerful, but comfortable and safe to use again and again.

Once you have invested in a Kanga loader such as the DA525, your return on investment (ROI) will be noticeable from the first few jobs. Expanding your task diversity thanks to the many labour-saving attachments on hand can dramatically increase your revenue. Why hire a team of helpers when you can use the most reliable workmate around?

Please contact us for more details on the Kanga product range and how a Kanga could assist your business, or log on to www.kangaloader.co.uk to see the Kanga in action!