Kanga 2 Series (Kid) Augers

Designed for use Kanga 2 Series (Kid) loader auger drive/powerhead, this range of premium quality, tungsten tipped teeth/pilot augers are an essential must when tree planting, post hole boring etc.

50.8mm round hub – Suits the 2 Series Standard Powerhead.

The standard range of augers (diameters) for use with the Kanga 2 Series (Kid) loader are 4"/100mm, 12"/300mm, 20"/500mm.

£360.00 £300.00
In stock
In stock


100mm / 4” 987mm / 39” 7.8kg / 17lbs
300mm / 12” 1017mm / 40” 14.3kg / 31.6lbs
500mm / 20” 1017mm / 40” 23.6kg / 50lbs

For deeper holes, auger extensions are also available upon request.

With over 60+ custom built, labour/time saving, quick fit attachments available for the Kanga 2 Series (Kid) loader, if you can't see an attachment to suit your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.