Husqvarna WT2GO 14L Water Tank

The Husqvarna WT2GO is a 14 litre constant pressure water tank that is ideal for use with core drills, disc cutters and floor grinders. It is both an effective dust suppression tool and a portable constant water supply combined in one simple, handy and easy to use format.

The ‘WT 2 GO’ is as simplistic to use as it is ingenious in design - pressurised water goes in (via a mains supply tap) and a constant pressurised water flow comes out; it really is that simple! No manual pumping to achieve/maintain pressure, no battery, electronics or pump. Just fill and GO!

This highly portable and reliable constant-pressure water supply system features a generous 14 litre tank, a convenient handle with two easy carrying positions, a 3m integrated hose and an adjustable spray gun.

The constant pressurised flow of water provided by the WT2GO (7-10psi) is sufficient to cool cutting-tools for up to 30 mins, making it ideal for use with disc cutters, diamond core drills, floor grinding equipment etc. The spray gun supplied with the WT2 Go is ideal for providing effective dust suppression and can also be used for multiple work and recreational uses.

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MPN 598742401
Tank Volume 13.8L  /3.65gal
Max Pressure 0.7bar
Integrated Hose Length
Dimensions 325 x 800 x 144mm
Weight (empty/full) 6Kg / 19.5Kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £249.99

Highly portable and convenient

The WT2GO features two ergonomic carrying handles for increased portability, one which allows the unit to be carried in the horizontal position, the second at the top of the unit for movement in the vertical position.

The 3m integrated hose supplied is not only ideal for hosing down/dust suppression with the spray gun included, it also allows the operator a degree of working range/freedom in close proximity to where the tank is sited.

Simplicity personified

All you need to do to is to add water from a mains supply tap. This allows a constant pressurised water flow to be dispensed, a similar concept to blowing up a balloon.

This provides the operator the freedom to carry on working for up to 30 mins without constantly having to stop to manually pump the tank, like conventional pressurised water bottles, or the cost of and inconvenience of recharging and replacing batteries on battery powered alternatives.

Enhance your diamond tools

A constant feed of water will not only cool your diamond blade, core drill bit or grinding blocks during use and offer protection from extreme temperatures generated when in use, it can also prolong and enhance tool performance too.

The addition of water during cutting/drilling will also effectively suppress dust generated, reduce airborne particles and can help deliver better application results.