Husqvarna WL8i Battery Powered Work Light

The Husqvarna WL 8i is a powerful battery powered work light that can run for up to 48 hours continuously on a single charge.

The 8000 lumens of power gives you an excellent level of illumination on site and there are 3 levels of brightness.

Whilst illuminating the work area you can even charge a phone or device using the USB outlet.

The price is for machine only, but you can buy a battery and charger using the dropdown options (subject to availability). The diffuser and tripod pictured are not included but you can add the diffuser as an accessory.

Husqvarna recommend the BLi100, BLi200 or BLi300 battery with your choice of charger. These batteries can also be used to power other Husqvarna products. Please see our machine and battery compatibility chart to compare batteries.

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Optional Extras

Let there be light

A matrix of 160 LEDs can be configured for 3 different brightness settings, depending on your requirements for battery life versus brightness. The maximum brightness is 8000 lumens and the maximum run time is 48 hours. Adding the diffuser spreads the light over a broader area.

Highly portable

115 degrees rotating head to light up at your desired angle. A built-in hook enables hanging if required, or you can mount on a tripod using the universal 10mm mount hole. 

BLi battery system

The BLi range of batteries is also used with other Husqvarna Construction machines such as the BV30i screed, K535i power cutter and WT15i water tank. Plus, the BLi battery ecosystem is established for Husqvarna's Forest & Garden range. See the battery and charger guide to learn more.

Stay connected

As well as lighting up the work area, you can plug in any USB type A device to the WL8i and it acts like a power bank. Charge your phone or similar device using the USB outlet and stay connected while you work.