Husqvarna Vari-Grind G620 Series Diamond Grinding Blocks - Soft Bond (Green)

The Vari Grind G-620 Series (Green) are a Soft Bonded grinding blocks designed for hard concrete surfaces.

This (Silver level) of metal-bond diamond tools for the Redi-Lock system provide great work result in all-round surface preparation applications, with their attractive price position making them perfectly suited for rental and domestic use.

Redi Lock is an instant and hassle-free system for quickly and efficiently changing diamond surface preparation tooling.

Looking for a wider range of grit sizes, a greater variety of bond hardness which have been specifically designed for professional, intense use and to provide maximum productivity, excellent results and are also suitable for Superfloor jobs, then the Elite-Grind G1400 Series may be just what you need?

Each pack include 3 individual grinding blocks.

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G622D - 16 Grit
G623S - 20 Grit
G623D - 20 Grit
G624S - 30 Grit
G624D - 30 Grit
G625S - 50 Grit
G625D - 50 Grit
G627S - 100 Grit
G627D - 100 Grit
G622, G623, G624, G625 and G627 diamond grinding blocks use Husqvarna's Redi Lock™ system for changing diamond tools. No need for multiple sets of diamond holder discs; no time consuming and impractical screw-on-diamond systems.