Husqvarna Vari Cut S85 Diamond Blade - 350-600mm

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Husqvarna Vari Cut is a good balance between price and performance.

If you only cut asphalt or abrasive materials the Husqvarna Vari Cut S85 is the only blade that you will need. Can also be used on green concrete occasionally.

£113.76 £94.80
RRP £189.60
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£113.76 £94.80
RRP £189.60

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The S85 is a premium spec blade that offers the operator excellent cutting speed as well as impressive wear life.

Impressive 10mm Flat+ segments.

Bore Sizes - 300mm Dia: 20mm bore

350/400 mm Dia: 25.4 & 20mm

450/500/600 mm Dia : 25.4mm